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AM Sensormatic AMT-1000

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The Sensormatic AMT-1000 is an anti-theft tag based on the acousto-magnetic technology.  Small, aesthetics and dissuasive, it can be used with flat head pins, conical pins or ink pins.  Ink pins contain ink that spreads over the items if someones tries to remove it without a detacher.  The tag can also be used with a lanyard pin or a double lanyard attach for products that can not be perforated by a pin.

This all-purpose hard tag is a highly visible shoplifting deterrent. The traditional lock design provides moderate defeat resistance for a wide range of merchandise. It can be attached via tack, lanyard, Versatile or MXGL.


  • Aesthetic and dissuasive anti-theft tag
  • Compatible with all AM systems
  • Requires a magnetic detacher to remove the pin


  • Acousto-magnetic technology at 58 kHz
  • Original Sensormatic security tags
  • Colour: Gray
  • Size: 38 x 9.5 x 16 mm
  • Each tag comes with a pin metal with plastic head


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