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Insertable AM Label

Brand new

The insertable AM Label is one of the thinnest acousto-magnetic (AM) antitheft labels on the market today.  Easy to use, it is introduced directly inside the packaging of your products, through the protective blister. Covert, it is impossible to extract without breaking the package.  Ideal for cosmetic products sold in perfumery or pharmacy such as creams or perfumes.

The insertable label is compatible with all AM security systems available on the market today.  Designed in a rigid white plastic with a false bar code, it provides excellent protection against shoplifting.

It is deactivated using a standard AM deactivator.


  • Compatible with standard AM deactivators
  • Impossible to remove without breaking the packaging
  • Allows labeling at the source (place of packing)
  • Among the thinnest on the market


  • Acousto-Magnetic (AM) Technology at 58 kHz
  • False bar code
  • Color : White
  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 1.0 cm


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