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Diamond™ EM Premium

Brand new

The Diamond™ EM Premium system prevents unauthorized removal of books from librairies by detecting the EM tag placed within each of the books.  The system can be configured to protects large entrances using several panels.

Performant and easy to maintain, the system exhibits a modern transparent look.
It is made of high density plexiglass and solid stainless steel.  The elegant design blends harmoniously with the aesthetic of librairies while providing a visual dissuasive impact.

APTQ INC is the official distributor of DialocID products in Canada.
Compatible with 3M labels.

A 12 month warranty will begin on the date of installation on the parts as well as the labor.


  • Multiple gate solutions are possible
  • Advanced electromagnetic EM technology
  • Remote maintenance
  • Magnetic media safe
  • Compatible with all Dialoc ID EM tags and various EM tag suppliers
  • Multiple gate solutions
  • Visual and audio alarms
  • People counter on request


  • Operating frequency: 366 Hz.
  • Each system includes one controller
  • Detects up to a distance of 0.9 m between antennas
  • Panel in high density clear PMMA 20 mm Plexiglas
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • 92% light transmission
  • Base : Stainless steel
  • Total panel weight : 34 kg
  • Antenna : 66 x 2 x 190 cm cm (w x d x h)
  • Base : 71 x 12 x 2 cm (w x d x h)

SKU: DiaEMsyst-N

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