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Image Clair 2Mhz

Brand new

The « Image Clair » is a radio-frequency (RF) security system based on a single detection panel that can be adapted to a variety of configurations.  The system detects the tags up to distance of 1,9m (6 pi).

Chosen by many retail store chains, the « Image Clair » system follows a trend that combines aesthetics and security.No more screens that hide the windows. Transparency respects the visual aspect of the stores.

A 12 month warranty will begin on the date of installation on the parts as well as the labor.


  • Open frame & transparent
  • High quality acrylic gate in an elegant and contemporary design
  • The perfect solution for stores with modern interior


  • RF System 2MHz
  • Single panel system
  • Protection up to 1.9 m (6.5 ft)
  • Alarm Type : Audible & visual
  • Power pack
  • Dimensions : 168 x 30.5 x 6.5 cm

SKU: IMCsingle-N

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