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Checkpoint CkekInk II Tag

Second hand

The Checkpoint CkekInk II Tag is an anti-theft ink tag that spreads ink over the protected item when someone tries to remove it without a detacher.  This permanently stains the garment thus denying the avantage of shoplifting.  Ink tags with its magnetic retainer is a dissuasive visual deterrent that can be used as a standalone protection without a detection system.

The ink tag can also be paired with almost any acousto-magnetic or RF tag.  Used in place of the flat or conical pin, it provides an additional protection and an improved visual impact.

Second hand tags, like new


  • Does not require a detection system
  • Can be paired with most AM and RF security tags
  • Requires a magnetic detacher to remove the retainer


  • Colour: Gray
  • Size: 54 x 25 x 13 mm
  • Each tag is sold with a magnetic retainer.

SKU: CKEKink2-U1

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